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winter wonder facial

This firming peptide facial was developed by a Dermatologist and works wondersonyour skin. If you are seeing findlines and wrinkles on your face, then this is the facial for you to try! Once on my menu it will be a $90.00 hour and a half facial, but for the winter season it is at the bargain price of $75.00. I have gotten so many people that are really loving this! Set up your appointment today. You won't be disappointed!



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Classic Facial —$70
This is a great classic facial which includes cleanse, tone, massage, extractions, appropriate
mask, serum and moisturizer for your skin type.
r all skin types, standard facial customized for individual skin types. Includes cleanse,one, analyze, facial steam, facial massage, extractns, mask therapy and moisturizer.

Acne Facial — $70
This facial is designed to work with your acne regimen which utilizes a specific cleanser,
toner, and steam massage to help soften congestion and ease extractions.
This facial ends with an acne mask and moisturizer, ridding the skin of acne-causing bacteria

Derma-Peel Facial--$75.
This unique facial has all the benefits of the classic European facial with the benefits of
a product called DermaPeel. This process uses warm and cool therapy for the skin and
is absolutely fabulous for your face! DermaPeel itself has papaya and pineapple enzymes
and works amazingly on the skin! This is a must have for all skin types!

Peptide Facial-$75
This is one of my all time favorite treatments! Indulge yourself with this
unique youth-enhancing facial. It will refresh and rejuvenate your skin with the
power of antioxidants and soothing botanicals. Especially designed to hydrate, soften
fine lines and wrinkles and give you that youthful glow. Loaded with 60 different peptides
this has been one of the most popular facials since the inception of my business.

Lira Clinical Bio-Enzyme Facial-$75
Lira is a new up and coming all natural skincare line. High potency products
that deliver a powerful punch for all skin types. The combination of ingredients
is totally spectacular and deliver the way they say they do. The enzyme facial
is perfect for aging, lack luster skin and the Pro Lift Serum won some serious
awards in the Esthetics field this year. I love it!

Vegan Red Wine Facial-$90
Absolutely wonderful! Totally vegan, totally amazing for all skin types.
We all know red wine is good for you bu it's just as good for your skin.
With it's two part exfoliation process, it leaves your skin feeling fabulous
long after this facial is over. I love these products because they benefit

Diamond Tome Microdermabrasion/Facial — $100
Microderm is a popular way to manually exfoliate the outermost layer
of the face and neck and with continued treatments, helps to reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age thickened or uneven skin
as well as reducing discoloration. Microdermabrasion will promote the
growth of new cells for healthy, smoother textured skin. I prefer to do
a micro/facial combo I know what is going on your skin afterward.

Diamond Tome Microdermabrasion- $75

Facial Cupping Only- $50 per session
Cupping works wonders and can be used in so many different ways.
I do cupping for acne scarring, facial muscle tighteining, lymphatic drainage,
and the dreaded turkey neck!

Chemical Peels
(Do not use AHA or Retin A for 48 hours
before or after peels.)

Lactic Acid - Normal to Dry Skin — $40/30 min
Glycolic Acid - Normal/Combinsation Skin — $40/30 min
Salicylic Acid - Oily Skin — $40/30 min

Specialized Peels
(Both of these peels come with a $40.00 at home care kit
and a follow up visit which includes a microdermabrasion)
Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel --- $150.00
Improves smoothness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and
uneven skin tone. Also improves clarity and radiance and due to
added peptides, skin is much more toned and firm!
Apple Wine Peel---$150.00
Gives skin a boost, creates cell turnover while softening and
hydrating skin. The wine components give skin antioxidants and
nutrient value. Benficial for all skin types, even sensitive.